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Heya, I’m Alex! Welcome to Tradecraft, home of the eponymous newsletter and the Big Story Podcast.

TRADECRAFT is an ongoing newsletter about my journey as a speculative fiction writer of science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and comic books. Each newsletter is an honest reflection of the steps forward and back, and how I balance my ongoing design and illustration client work with writing projects.

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I started the Big Story Podcast in 2019 to talk with comic book creators. Each weekly episode is an open conversation on the creative journey, inspirations, and process with the people making the comics we love. It is a joy and privilege to have these talks with so many inspiring people. The two most recent seasons are always free to listen to here. For access to exclusive member-only videos and the entire back catalog, upgrade to a paid membership.

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My journey as a writer of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and comic books—plus the latest episodes of the Big Story Podcast.


J Alex Morrissey
Writer of speculative fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery stories, and comic books. Art director, designer, and illustrator. Host of Big Story Podcast. Lover of the great outdoors.