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Heya, I’m Alex! Welcome to Tradecraft, home of the eponymous newsletter and podcast.

TRADECRAFT is an ongoing newsletter about my journey as a speculative fiction writer of science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and comic books. Each newsletter is an honest reflection of the steps forward and back, and how I balance my ongoing design and illustration client work with writing projects.

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What began in 2019 as a weekly on-line drink and draw with art college friends developed into the TRADECRAFT PODCAST. While the name and format have changed, the mission remains; Find inspiration in the creative journey and process with the people responsible for the books and comics we love.

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My journey as a speculative fiction writer of books and comic books—plus the latest episodes of the Tradecraft Podcast.


Writer of speculative fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery stories, and comic books. Art director, designer, and illustrator. Host of Tradecraft Podcast. Lover of the great outdoors.