Jul 5, 2022 • 1HR 48M


Identity and publication designer

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Weekly conversations about the creative journey, inspirations, and process with the amazing people responsible for the comics we love.
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Tom go deep into his journey as a designer and early work in comics. How working with Ashley Wood was the perfect foothold to showcase his talents and improve comics through design. Tom and Alex talk at length about process and the thought put into trade and publication design for Blue in Green, Best of 2000AD, Days of Hate, Drifter, The New World, The Weatherman, VS, Wolf, and his industry shaking work on X-Men. This one is full of amazing information, every comic creator and fan can appreciate.

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Also, if you’re making comics, check out Tom’s course, Graphic Design for Fiction: Visual Identities with Stories on Domestika in the link above.

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